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Dec 28, 2011 4:25am EST
virginia ballot is now suing in federal court. texas governor rick perry is challenging the rules in the commonwealth. several others failed to get the riertd 10,000 signatures. only ron paul and mitt romney qualified for the virginia primary. >>> president obama took time out from his hawaiian vacation to nominate one democrat and one republican to fill vacancy on the federal reserve board. he nominated democrat jeremy stein, an economics professor at harvard university and republican jerome powell would served in the treasury department under president george h. w. bush. the senate must confirm both of those nomination. >>> an unusual crime scene in a northern virginia home. >>> plus, investigators say they know what caused a deadly christmas morning fire in connecticut. we'll have more on that story coming up next. >>> and over the past few years, several medical related stories topped the news. we'll take a closer look at those stories coming up.  >>> making headlines, a bizarre investigation in virginia i'm fredericksburg family says someone broke into their home before c
Dec 29, 2011 4:25am EST
mother trying to nurse her baby ate a houston, texas store. word got out through facebook and a protest against target was organized. the springfield store has not had any problems with nursing mothers. >> as may mom who organized this gathering here, called and talked to the manager and let her know we would be here. not that we had ever had issues here but it was a united front. >> guests are free to go within our store to nurse their babies. if we were approached and asked, well send them or request that they possibly use our sit fitting room. >> about 100 groups staged protests in 35 different states. >>> the september 11th memorial has only been open for about three months but it is already seeing a huge number. visitors. new york city officials are announcing that one million people have gone to see the site since it opened to the public. the plaza and its two huge found tapes draw about 10,000 visitors a day to ground zero. the memorial opens september 12th after its dedication to the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. >>> a local college basketball team pulls off
Dec 27, 2011 4:25am EST
threat to win. the texas republican is peaking at the right time with the january 3rd kickoff to the gop nominating calendar. right now, it is a statistical dead heat with paul at 22% to mitt romney's 21%. newt gingrich is dropping. rick perry is gaining. and both romney and perry today launched new ads while michelle bachmann and gingrich and perry are launching bus tours today in hopes of gaining more supporters. the guy who won iowa last time predict the weather could be a deciding factor. >> i would probably say that mitt romney will end up winning it today. now, i think, again, ron paul, because of his organization could and that is where mitt is really at a disadvantage. he doesn't have the devotion. if the weather is good, mitt romney is in better shape. if the weather is bad and it is real tough to get out, ron paul will win. >> reporter: the caucuses tend to be very low turnout fairs which is why organization is key. that gives romney and fall an end as veterans of the last race. still polls say only half of caucus goers have made up their minds yet. only romney and paul
Dec 15, 2011 4:25am EST
into a controversial photo of texas soldiers posing around a casket with another soldier who is wearing a noose. at the bottom of the picture is the phrase, the dumped. sucks to be you. it was taken back in august and has been floating around facebook and made its way to the air force times. >>> the looming government shutdown tomorrow night. if lawmakers can't agree on a federal budget, they are still working to avoid t as ainsley earhart shows us, money to fund the federal government runs out tomorrow night at midnight. >> we worked very hard. we are close to an agreement on every single issue and i just hope that we can work this out and get our bill passed. >> reporter: while they have different views, both democrats and republicans are working to avoid a partial government shutdown actually temporary bill keeping agencies open expires on saturday. >> we all ought to able to work together to bring this thing for a proper conclusion. >> if we have a reasonable agreement with the republicans on funding the government, we should seize that opportunity and do it and not hold opp
Dec 14, 2011 4:25am EST
senate because of a requirement to build an oil pipeline between canada and texas. democrats say it is a special interest that costs taxpayers too much money but republicans say it creates the jobs americans are demanding. >>> california representative darryl issa sent a letter to the exterior secretary saying demonstrators are ruining the park and that the no camping rule should be enforced at mcpherson square. people living and working nearby agree with issa. >> at first, i was sympathetic. but now, enough is enough. >> enough is enough? that is an eyesore. >> the garbage is strewn. they are not taking care of t they are not respecting the property. this is my neighborhood. >> i think a $400,000 hit is well worth the price of the voices that are dissenting but also voices that are speaking something that needs to be heard. >> demonstrators aren't roird to have a permit if the crowd remains under 500. and they are not camping by law if they're not sleeping in the tents. >>> jerry sandusky waived his right to a hearing in court. the hearing would have included testimony from at least som
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5